iPhone 4s made some modification that makes it the ultimate gaming phone. First, it has a 3.5 Retina display and a huge screen. They also put in a gyroscope which makes tracking the movement of the handset more efficient and more responsive.

Luckily, there are a lot of iPhone 4s games free to download. Below are some of my favorites.

iPhone 4s Games Free Download # 1: iShoot

It’s a lot of shooting, looking, explosions, and weapons. It’s a funny mayhem. That’s what iShoot is all about. The 2.0 version has more weapons and even more precise and entertaining geometric mipmappingthat covers the whole Earth. No wonder this became number for weeks on end when it first came out.

iPhone 4s Games Free Download # 2: NinJump

Who says no to a Ninja? No one. The NinJump is all about getting your Ninja to climb higher and higher and higher… without getting killed, of course. As you rise, you can also expect more enemies with powers that become more insane. It’s one of those incredibly simple but incredibly addictive games.

iPhone 4s Games Free Download # 3: Carnival Games Lite

Carnival Games Lite will pull you in from the beginning as it allows you to personalize your character before taking you to a summer world including an awesome country fair where you will see everything.

Best Free iPhone 4s Games # 4 – City Story™

It’s one of those games which you can share with your friends. You can ask everyone to join in as you create a city which you need to plan, construct and run. You can put businesses, homes, landmarks, and destroy them all if you want to rebuild a new one.

There are other games out there which I am sure you will like. Just go ahead and search but if you want something sure, get the iPhone 4S games free listed above.

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