Samsung galaxy s3 Singapore release is expected to occur with the rest of the world in June of 2012. This smartphone was announced back in the month of May of 2012 in Singapore and elsewhere around the world. The launch and release are both Samsung global events. This phone is the latest release from Samsung Inc of Korea and is a successor to the very successful Samsung Galaxy S2.


This new phone is a powerful, fast and impressive smartphone that has endeared many basically due to its ingenuity and innovative features. Samsung galaxy s3 Singapore smartphone will come with the standard Galaxy S3 features. These include the powerful and advanced 8MP digital camera. It comes with HD video camera capabilities and with an LED flash. Other camera features are the geo tagging capabilities and the auto focus. Also present is a powerful S assistant which is similar to the SIRI personal assistant on the iphone 4S. This is an impressive assistant that fares much better and also performs more chores than its SIRI iphone 4S counterpart.


Many tech insiders and writers believe this phone to be the best in the market today. It is a powerful phone and connects at very fast speeds on the 4G LTE network. It also comes with a wide 4.8 inch wide screen with great HD display and 16M colors. Using this phone with its many features and capabilities is a pure delight for many. Samsung galaxy s3 Singapore will launch in June of 2012, when the actual sale begins in Singapore and elsewhere around the world. This smartphone is expected to fare really well and will be the best phone in the market for a long time to come. It is one of the best in the market and definitely the leading android phone in the world today.

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