Samsung galaxy s3 price in Pakistan will be determined after the phone launches and is released. Samsung is expected to launch its latest and most advanced smartphone to date. This smartphone will operate the android 4.0 OS which is the latest and most powerful software from Galaxy. It comes with a giant display unit with a 4.8 inch screen.


The camera is an impressive 8.0 MP digital camera with new and great features on the camera. The user interface software is the Touch Wiz 4.0 with other impressive capabilities such as USB on the go and NFC or near field communication.


Samsung galaxy s3 price in Pakistan will be determined by the networks once the handset is launched for release worldwide. This phone is expected to be a 4G smartphone with a candy bar form factor. The CPU is expected to be a pretty powerful and super fast quad-core 1.4GHz chipset. There is a dedicated GPU or processor specifically designed for graphics, images, videos and similar content. It will come with variable memory which includes 16GB, a 32GB and a 64GB device and customers will have to choose their preferred memory capacity.


This smartphone will excite the mobile phone industry around the world. Samsung is already the world’s top as well as best provider of mobile phone devices to users around the world. Stiff competition from competitors is expected. However, matching this excellent device will be a tough call.


Samsung galaxy s3 price in Pakistan will come with a 2100mAh battery among other accessories. This phone will launch some times this spring across North America and a couple of other locations across the world before eventually launching globally. Once launched, the price will be determined and then networks can choose to offer this phone on various plans to their customers.

Samsung galaxy s3 price in Pakistan Samsung galaxy s3 price in Pakistan

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