The Samsung galaxy s3 manual is available online even before the phone has been launched to the market. This way, people got to know better the phone even before they had the chance to try it out.

For those ones that prefer codes, Samsung galaxy s3 is actually called GT-I9300, and this is what will be written on the manual as well. So, be careful, and don’t be confused with this. There are a lot of useful things that you will be able to find in the Samsung galaxy s3 manual. First of all, you will find out which memory cards it supports, what is its capacity, etc. For those ones who didn’t had the opportunity to read well the manual yet, here are some interesting points to note.

Also, it is important to say that you will be able to find in the Samsung galaxy s3 manual all the standard topics which include: safety information, troubleshooting, settings, tools, connectivity, GPS and Web based services, personal information, communication, entertainment, getting started, assembling and many other useful topics. It is a very useful thing to know that this smartphone supports both MicroSD and MicroSDHC memory cards, which is info that can be found in the manual as well. The capacity of the memory cards is 32GB which can be extended until 64GB.

You will find out that the Samsung galaxy s3 manual is very helpful in explaining all the features of this smartphone. One of the examples can be the “Hold to Ear,” feature – this feature allows you to call a number you just a received an SMS from in a very simple way that is only by lifting the phone up to your ear. Isn’t this a useful feature?

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