Samsung galaxy gt 19000 has been described in a nutshell as a light, slim smartphone with a fast processor, an easy-to-use interface on Android operating system, a great display unit and AMOLED screen and access to a great number of apps. It is one of the greatest Android mobile phones.


Samsung galaxy gt 19000 is widely compared to Apple iphone and many believe it is an equal, if not better smartphone. It is lighter that the iphone 4, weighing at 118 grams. It is also slimmer but longer, to allow more room for the display unit. This phone operates on Android operating system. This provides it with more flexibility and makes it a much faster phone. The 1GHz processor ensures that all phone operations are super fast, especially with the power of Android OS backing it up. The internal memory can be either 16GB or 8GB and can take in a 32GB microSD card.


The 5MP camera on this phone has received wide acclaim from many for the amazing images and videos capacity. The phone also allows quick sharing of these images via mms, emails and social networks. The Super AMOLED screen enables crisp, clear and sharp images with bright and brilliant colors. This provides a rich and memorable viewing experience. The 400 X 800 pixel resolution enables full display and viewing of web pages. The detail on the images is high, colors are vibrant and images crisp.


Samsung galaxy gt 19000 comes with its own apps and widgets. The camera has great features that include auto-contrast, auto focus, anti shake, face recognition as well as blink detection. Its Lithium-ion rechargeable battery lasted much longer than those on other smartphones. This smartphone comes highly recommended and is among the best smartphones available in the market today.

Samsung galaxy gt 19000 300x200 Samsung Galaxy Gt 19000 Smartphone Review


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