According to followers of the latest Smartphone technologies, Research in Motion, the developer of the popular Blackberry brand of Smartphone, has plans for several new Blackberry Curve 2012 models. However, the latest Blackberry models that are projected to be released this year have yet to be officially announced by RIM so the exact release dates are not yet known. The exact models that are likely to be released in 2012 are also unknown; however experts in Smartphone technology have a couple of predictions as to the possibilities.

There are a couple of possible new Blackberry Curve 2012 releases. Among the newest models expected to be available in before the end of 2012 are the Blackberry Curve 9230 and the Curve 9320.  The Curve 9230 is expected to be an EDGE device.   And if the rumors are correct, the other new Blackberry Curve model that will most likely be available sometime this year, the Blackberry Curve 9320, will be the latest HSPA (high-speed package access) device produced by RIM. According to mobile phone technology experts, the Curve 9320 is going to be an entry-level Smartphone with low-level specs, intended to replace the Blackberry Curve 9300. Because this recently developed model of the Blackberry Curve remains unannounced by the developer, the exact specifications are unknown at this point. Even so, the Curve 9320 is widely expected to be pre-loaded with the Blackberry OS 7 operating system, and a dedicated BBM button located on one side of the phone for quick and easy launching of the Blackberry Messenger application.

The design of this new Blackberry Curve 2012 model is expected to be very basic as far as Smartphones go, with only 512 of RAM, a non-touch screen and a single core processor. The Blackberry Curve 9320 will probably not even be available in the United States of in the United Kingdom, but is more likely to be marketed toward an Asian audience.

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