iphone 4s water damage is any damage that occurs on the iphone 4S smartphone that is caused by water or any other fluid. According to Appleā€™s warranty, damage caused to the iphone 4S caused by water will not be reimbursed, compensated or repaired. This is because the warranty cover excludes any damage to the iphone 4S caused by water. Protecting the iphone 4S from damage that can result due to exposure to water is vital.


iphone 4s water damage can apparently occur by accident and cause damage to the phone. There are a few things that should be avoided here. Once the phone dries out, it should not be taken back to Apple or other stores where it may have been purchased and request repairs. Water damage will be detected by internal sensors put in place by the manufacturer. The owner of the phone should also not try to restart the phone immediately or try to recharge it.


The best solution would be to allow the phone to dry and then seek professional assistance from a qualified technician. There are various private firms that conduct iphone repairs as well as repairs to other products from Apple. Such firms charge for their services and they may require that the iphone is delivered by courier to their location. Once received, the damage will be assessed before a determination is made regarding the extent of the damage and the cost of repairs.


iphone 4s water damage can be dried out at home and, hopefully, restarted. This can be achieved by the use of silica gel packets. These have great absorption capability and can help dry up the iphone 4S in a couple of days. The iphone will need to be tightly shut in a plastic bag with several of these silica bags.

iPhone 4s Water Damage 300x225 iPhone 4s Water Damage And How To Fix It

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