iPhone 4s speaker not working is a problem that many new iphone buyers have been experiencing. Apparently there is no audio being received either via the speakers or sometimes audio is missing even through the earpiece. Many users of the iphone complain that users can hear them but they receive nothing through the speakers. There could be the occasional click but the speakers just won’t work and fixing the problem is problematic.


iPhone 4s speaker not working issue should be addressed by confirming that there is nothing wrong with the settings. Sometimes the iphone could be set on silent mode, sometimes the speakers may be silent or similar problem. If these are ruled out, then it is possible that the iphone 4S is stuck in headphones mode. This can be tackled by inserting and removing the headphones jack into the iphone several times. The mechanism that operates the headsets inside the iphone also turns off the speakers. Many iphone 4S owners facing this problem have solved by applying this technique.


If the problem persists after this technique has been tried, then there could be a software problem or problems with settings. A good software technician can check the phone and confirm whether the problem is as a result of the software or other non-hardware causes. The problem ca be detected and addressed if it relates to issues such as settings or the OS.


iPhone 4s speaker not working issues and problems can also be addressed by Apple. If a phone is brand new and the speakers refuse to work, Apple Inc would be able to have a look at the iphone and fix the problem for free if the iphone has a valid warranty. They may otherwise charge for the service.

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