The new iPhone 4s is a device that takes the concept of a phone to the next level. The number of features packed into the phone is amazing and the utility of these features is mind boggling. One among these many useful features is the iPhone 4S hotspot. The hotspot feature helps turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi access point and as many as 5 devices can connect to the internet using your iPhone 4S hotspot. It gives you the power to only connect to the internet but be the source of internet for 5 other devices, this surely is one rocking feature of the new iPhone 4S.

The hotspot feature on the iPhone has been around since the iPhone 4 was launched, but the new iPhone lets more users join into your network. The feature is very exciting and very easy to use. In order to enable the iPhone 4S hotspot, go to settings and enable the personal hotspot option on your phone. The availability of the network to other users however depends on your service provider. In some cases, the service providers do not allow the tethering option to the users. If tethering is permitted on your network, your iPhone is one in-demand device for friends wanting to access stuff on the internet.

The iPhone 4S hotspot once turned on will prompt you to enter a Wi-Fi password. After entering the Wi-Fi password successfully, you are then prompted to either switch on the Wi-Fi or the blue tooth of your iPhone 4S so as to enable other devices to connect to the your Wi-Fi network. On a 3G network, the hotspot stops working if you receive a voice call. iPhone 4S hotspot lets an entire family connect to the internet with one parent device, the hotspot is indeed a USP of the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S Hotspot 300x199 iPhone 4S Hotspot: Connect to the Internet Wherever You Go

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