iPhone 4 model a1332 is basically the model number of certain iphone 4 mobile phones. The model number is a way of identifying a mobile phone. All mobile phones came with a model number. The number A1332 basically implies that this particular iphone is a GSM iphone 4 model and comes in sizes 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. All A1332 models were manufactured in the year 2010 and all are iphone 4.


iphone 4 model a1332 is for the GSM iphone 4. The model number is found on the back cover. It is A1249 for the CDMA iphone 4. The back and front surfaces are made of glass on the iphone 4 model A1332. the edges have a stainless steel band running round and the volume control buttons have the “+” and “-” signs indicating high and low buttons. The GSM version can hold a micro-SIM card and has a tray for this on the right hand side.


There are other features and components found on this phone model. It comes with a gyroscope which helps users determine their position relative to the ground. It is important especially during navigation and when using sensor based apps. It operates on iOS4, the latest operating system for the iphone from Apple and has the iBooks feature. Also included is video calling as well as a wide variety of video formats for user viewing pleasure.


iPhone 4 model A1332 smartphones from Apple are among the most modern phones in the market today. These phones feature some of the latest technology and come with some very cool apps, games, accessories and features. Genuine models of this phone can be purchased from the various networks and from Apple stores and retail outlets. Apple also sells its iphone 4 smartphones via its online store to customers.

iPhone 4 Model A1332 300x225 iPhone 4 Model A1332 Specs And Review

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