Currently, the iphone 4 is the latest smart phone released by Apple, though the iphone 5 is expected to be released anytime now. Fans of the popular entertainment program WWE can now have their favorite starts, such as John Cena, feature on the iphone case. There are iphone 4 cena cases available for purchase at the WWE shop online.


The WWE has been using its famous wrestling superstars and entertainers as a selling point. Branding mobile phone cases with stars is one way of popularizing the sport and a great way to obtained revenue. Interested consumers who wish to acquire the John Cena cases for their iphone 4 mobile phones simply need to log onto the WWE online website and purchase the iphone 4 cena case here. There are a variety of the cena cases available at the website.


A brief description for these cena cases indicates the cases are a hard cover case. The cases are specifically designed for the iphone by WWE. The cases are compatible with the iphone 4 and come in a wide variety of mixed colors. Dealers can purchase these cases at wholesale prices while regular consumers may purchase directly from the WWE store.


There are iphone 4 cena cases available for sale on the famous Alibaba website online. While these may not be officially sanctioned by WWE, the parent website for the original iphone 4 cena as well as the owners of the Cena labels, they are available and can be purchased at low costs.


The John Cena mobile phone cases available at the WWE online shop cost about 15 dollars a piece. The price is fixed but it is unclear if it gets cheaper with the purchase of more units. The iphone 4 cena skins are currently only available for the iphone 4. Buyers can also buy other cena memorabilia at the WWE online shop, including a John Cena Gnome, a standee and a Koozie. All these memorabilia feature John Cena as he is currently the face of the WWE and its most important superstar.

iPhone 4 Cena How to get an iPhone 4 Cena Cover

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