iPad 4 launch date has been announced and is expected to be in September of 2012. This news or information does not come from Apple, however. It apparently has been released by a well known tech writer referred to as Digitimes.


This is a respected online digital news reporter that has previously made such announcements that turned out to be true. However, reports that were found not to have any merits were later retracted or denounced by the same publication. This news is also mentioned by the renowned online tech guru, Tech Radar. Tech radar reports that the expected launch dates, according to rumors is October 2012. iPad 4 launch date, as reported by Tech Radar, has been denounced as early rumors. The reason is that Apple only released the ipad 3 only last month, in March of 2012. Some rumors also report that the new ipad 4 is launching in March of 2013. It is also suspected Apple may want to generate some hype regarding its products, but without confirming or denying the rumors. This hypes up the market and generates a buzz which is very good for Apple marketing.


It is very unlikely that Apple will release the ipad 4 so soon after the ipad 3. The reason is because they are still capitalizing on this new device which currently doesn’t have much competition in the market and is still selling globally. While no official information is available regarding this new ipad 4, it is most likely still in the design stages if it does exist and might not be making an official appearance in the next couple of months.


iPad 4 launch date is not expected any time soon. It is expected that Digi Times, which gets its information from industry insiders, especially Chinese sub-contractors, will retract the news if found not to be credible.

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