How to delete apps on iphone 4s is a simple process that takes a couple of steps to achieve. Many times, iphone 4S owners download apps onto their handset hoping to use it for a long time but after a while, the app is no longer useful and needs to be removed. There is a process, very simple and straightforward, that should be carried out and the app will be completely uninstalled. The following process is the necessary procedure required. A user needs to first get onto the home screen where the app is located and is visible.  Once it is identified, the icon is tapped and held for a period of about 2 seconds. Immediately after, the icons will wiggle. The letter X will also appear net to the widgets.


How to delete apps on iphone 4s in order to permanently remove it from the iphone whenever required is straight forward. Once the X appears, the iphone owner simply needs to click on it and in just a short while it will be deleted. It is that simple and straight forward. Once deleted, the app will no longer be registered on the phone. However, a deleted app can be re-installed if the need arises. Sometimes the iphone 4S owner may need to reinstall the app. Then all they need to do is go to their iTunes application and it can be reinstalled from here.


How to delete apps on iphone 4s is a simple process that can be undertaken by an iphone 4S user if they follow these simple steps. If the app is to be permanently removed, then it should be removed from iTunes as well, especially if it was downloaded from this application. If it is not removed from iTunes, it will be installed the next time the iphone is synced.

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