How to activate iphone 4S is one of the most important procedures after purchase. Some customers experience some difficulty after purchasing the iphone 4S. The process of starting up the iphone basically links it to an Apple account. Customers may use and existing account or create a new one. This process also ties a subscriber to a particular network provider and locks them in that network. Before a subscriber can begin enjoying the great features available on this phone, they will need to activate it. Before activating the phone, it is important that it is first charged and has enough charge to last the activation process.


How to activate iphone 4s basically begins when the iphone is first turned on. The phone will prompt the user to provide certain information. There will also be a series of questions, very simple, basically prompting responses from the user. These questions are all about settings, configuration private features and important account information. The internet has several video presentations regarding this process. Most users or buyers of the iphone 4S usually have no problem activating the gadget after purchase. The few customers that encounter difficulty can simply call Apple or visit their nearest Apple store and request assistance. Staff members will be happy to assist the customer.


When starting up the iphone 4S and activating it for the first time, it is important to also ensure that itunes is up to date. While it may not be necessary, especially for users with iOS 5 as their operating system, it is important as it enables many important features.


How to activate iphone 4S before the phone can be used is an easy and straight forward process. Most buyers of the phone manage to activate the phone quite easily. Those that get stuck can seek assistance either online or from Apple. Even service providers can be of assistant.

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