We use so many Google apps in our daily lives that installing Google mobile apps on our phone makes out mobile internet experience much more convenient and fast. Google has taken out many compact apps to make internet browsing more enjoyable on your Smartphone. We will discuss some of these apps here.

There are many Google mobile apps available for download, but the most relevant one is perhaps the Google Search app for your phone. By downloading this app to your phone, your internet searches become faster than before. You can even save time by speaking your queries instead of writing them. The voice search feature is compatible with the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Nokia S60 V3 phones; while Android users can access the Voice Search feature directly from Google Play. Other features available in this app include Vertical search, search history and Google Suggest.

Most people have a Gmail account and with the Gmail mobile app, checking their Gmail inbox becomes much more user-friendly. The email app is supported on most of the popular phones used today including Android (it comes pre-installed), BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia’s S60 and Windows phones etc. You can search your email to find the exact message you are looking for, add stars and labels to your emails and perform many other functions. The popular Conversation view is also available so all your communication is threaded in a single group for easier access.

The list of Google mobile apps is incomplete without mentioning YouTube mobile app. With the YouTube app you can browse the million of videos available on the website directly on your phone. You can even upload videos that you just captured on your phone, instantly to the website from your phone. The YouTube comes pre-installed on Android phones and the iPhone; while it can be easily downloaded for other supported phones.

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