Since the iPhone 4S was launched on the market, appeared a lot of new games for iPhone 4S. Some of them are better than the other ones, so here is the list of the top five games for iPhone 4S. One of the games is called Infinity Blade II and was created by Epic Games.

If you liked the first part of this game, then for sure you will love the second as well. The graphics and the new features of the Infinity Blade II give a true gaming experience on the Iphone. One more great game for iPhone 4S is called Galaxy on Fire 2 HD. If you like sci-fi games, then you will definitely enjoy this sci-fi space epic game. Except of this, this game is actually able to show how a right in-depth mobile gaming should be made.

The Galaxy on Fire 2 is a game which will give you a pure pleasure of 10 hours of gameplay. Other in the row of some of the best games for iPhone 4S is called Touch Tanks 2: Europe. In case that you still didn’t hear about this game, it is actually a small WWII tank game, and it is one of the best online real-time multi-player games. The Touch Tanks 2: Europe is a real home gaming experience. In case that you like racing game, then you shouldn’t miss out the Real racing 2 HD. This is an excellent game which can compete even with games such as Gran Turismo 5 or Forza 4.

This game is interesting because you are able to play the game on the TV while  at the same time you are viewing real-time race telemetry on your iPhone 4S. Sounds great, right? And the last one in the row of best games for iPhone 4S is the game called Rage HD. This game is an on-rail shooter, and this is also considered to be one of the best touchscreen mobile games. So, after this short list of some of the best games for iPhone 4S I hope we helped some gaming fanatics in choosing the next game they will download for their iPhone 4S. Just a small note – the games are not free!

Games For iPhone 4S 300x210 The Five Best Games For iPhone 4S

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