Are you interested to know the simplest procedure regarding EVO 4G root? Almost every smartphone bearer wants to experience the wonders of a rooted gadget. We are going to provide you with a simple guide that will most probably help you through the entire process of rooting your HTC smartphone.

Basic requirements

  • You need an EVO 4G smartphone having an Android 2.3 Gingerbread OTA update
  • You need a window with a reliable internet connection.
  • All the necessary rooting files that are needed during the procedure concerning EVO 4G roots.
  • To get the zip file of HTC EVO 4G Gingerbread, you need to install a driver from HTC driver
  • The last thing that you require for rooting is the Ra Recovery image.

Necessary steps before rooting

  • Before starting the EVO 4G root process, you are suggested to back up your entire data as the rooting process may clean it all up.
  • The device must have more than fifty percent of power before starting.
  • Make sure that you void your warranty before rooting the device.


  • Move the zip file mentioned above to the root of the storage card
  • Turn your smart phone off.
  • Once it is turned off, the volume button is supposed to be held down along with the power button until the screen turns white and a text appears.
  • This is the boot loader session, and the smartphone must start checking the zip file automatically.
  • All the images are going to be listed on the card, and you are going to be asked about flashing them.
  • After that it will give you an option to reboot, which you surely have to select in order to root the device.

Once you complete the process of EVO 4G root, you can either delete the zip file or rename it.

EVO 4G root 179x300 Procedure regarding EVO 4G root

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